WordPress – CMS, Blogging, eCommerce and Beyond!

WordPress - CMS, Blogging, eCommerce and Beyond!

Lets build an awesome and effective website!

A standard installation of WordPress creates a Content Management System (CMS) website platform providing intuitive user friendly administration of website pages, media and content.

I design simple to complex WordPress websites including integration of eCommerce shopping carts.

  • I can take WordPress to new heights by implementing code customizations and integrating the right Plug-ins and Widgets.

  • I convert or re-build websites built on other platforms into a WordPress websites through custom integration and re-use of existing content.

  • I bring the power and ease of WordPress Blogging to your entire website!

A basic WordPress installation is as easy as selecting an available theme for your site and adding your content. The selected theme dictates how the site will look by providing styling of fonts, colors and content layout. The site can then be enhanced through the use of add-on modules called Widgets and Plug-ins. You can usually get a basic Blog site up and running in a few hours.

I take WordPress way beyond the basic "Blog".

With a thorough understanding of the programming code and formatted structure that make up the basic installation, I design themes and customizations that allow us to mold WordPress into virtually any website.

Through customization, I can convert just about any website into a WordPress CMS website while maintaining the core WordPress installation complete with all of the administration and media management features.

Rather than try adding a Blog or user based Forum to your existing website, I can convert or rebuild your existing website into WordPress where blogging and forums are much easier to enact and administer.

My services range from minor website repairs and modifications to complete eCommerce Business solutions.

If you need a new website and are considering WordPress as the foundation, I can design it for you complete with custom graphics and themes.

Many Marketing, Branding and Digital consultants contract me to provide effective, affordable website solutions with quick turn-around.

I work discretely behind the scenes with no direct contact with the end client allowing you to maintain your direct client relationships for billing and other reasons.